Final Reflections

Final Reflection
Throughout the semester, I have worked on many different assignments and writing projects that worked my mind in a different way. This class made me use my own ideas and made me think of creative ways to present my papers. This class made me see that writing projects are not papers, but works of art.
On my first project, the photo essay, I argued that well-known and respected farms we buy meats from are abusing their animals. I found statistics from anti-animal cruelty website, and went out of my way to take pictures of well taken care of animals from a nearby farm. This project made me go out of my way to get the information I needed for my topic, and made me use creativity to create a PowerPoint as my paper. No other class has ever made me do a paper where I incorporated so many different features like pictures and structure.
          The second writing project, the visual and rhetorical analysis, was also different. In college writing one, I did a rhetorical analysis on two magazine ads for their rhetorical devices used to draw in potential consumers. The visual and rhetorical analysis was a similar paper, but focused on a website. We were supposed to look at the pictures and text, and analysis their rhetorical devices. We also looked at how they work together. Linking the images to the text and observing their relationship helped me think above and beyond what I was used to. Every new topic I learned in school, I was never told to connect with other topics. I like how this class crossed the line and did something different.
For the third writing project, the argument synthesis, took multiple sources and required us to answer a prompt given to us. There was a lot of flexibility on the prompt, but it was a little unclear. I decided to go my own way with how I interpreted the prompt. I read all the sources and formed my argument off of what had the most evidence from the text. The instructor encouraged us to write our papers out of order, starting with the body paragraphs and ending with the introduction and conclusion. I have never written a paper like this, so I was very confused. I always wrote my papers with the intro first, but I liked the change. I felt that my introduction was more accurate and my conclusion fit to help frame my paper like a piece of artwork. I think I will continue to write body paragraphs first to help my papers to be more unified in topic.
For our last writing project, the researched argument synthesis, we were told to pick a topic and narrow it down by our sources we find. We were told that we must have six scholarly article sources and two books. We were told to do an annotated bibliography before we did the paper. It was basically a shorter version of the paper. I liked doing the annotated bibliography because when it came time to write the paper, we already had all the information we needed to introduce and quote the source. I will definitely do this for my future research papers. It is an extra step but its worst it in the long run. The paper was easy to write because it was structured the same as the argument synthesis. I really enjoyed this assignment because it helped me learn what sources to use and what to do with the data I have found.
I have developed a lot through writing in this class. I have learned to be more creative and learned to think outside the box. The peer- reviews and bookwork helped me for writing my papers so I now understand the importance of small assignments. I will no longer call it “busy work.”I would like to conclude by saying I really enjoyed this class, and will be taking away many new skills and tools I will utilize in my future classes.

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