Class Assignments

            These three class assignments show my growth in writing the most. The wizard of oz paper was done early in the semester where I had to analyze a poster. This assignment was done to prepare us for our visual rhetorical analysis paper. I described the colors, text, and details well, but looking at the assignment now I can see that I missed a lot of information. I also could have wrote a lot more about the poster. For the second class assignment, we were told to pair up and discuss why people read. My partner and I did a good job describing different types of text and when you would read them. We also talked about our personal experiences of when we read for enjoyment. For the last assignment posted, I did a revision on my rhetorical visual analysis. We were told to take a body paragraph and split up all the sentences. Then we were told to go through them and look for passive voice and other grammatical errors. I found this assignment more worthwhile because it really helped improve the paragraph. I am planning on continuing to do this exercise with my future papers because it really helps you focus onto what is wrong. These three assignments show my progression from basic to important skills I feel they really reflect my growth as a writer.

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